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When we first discussed LunarBands in 2012, we were fresh out of college and new to the professional world of product design, production, marketing, and distribution. Working nights and weekends, we founded Lunar to transform a simple idea into a side project. Through a combination of brilliant concepts from Matt, branding and marketing from Josh, and inventive product designs from Chris, we developed a full banded LED product that put innovation, quality, and customer service above all else.


“I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.” – Elon Musk


With a lust for perfection, we agreed to put 100% of sales into product design and improvement. Sacrificing paychecks for improved power units, premium fabrics, and patented prototypes was an easy decision for us. By putting our equity back into making our product better, we were able to nurture our side project into a brand. Our patent pending design will cost a total of $20k to fully implement and we are getting closer to our goal through every round of production.


Thank you to all who have sat with us around a pool or campfire to brainstorm ideas and test prototypes.


We have been lucky enough to pair with many Festival goers that use the bands at EDC, Electric Forest, ACL, Bonnaroo, and Coachella. We would like to thank the hidden festival forums for accepting us with open arms and for helping us get to a level where we can make multiple design improvements per manufacturing round.


Where are the Wristbands tho?


A common request that we have received has been for wristbands. Our tests with the Wristies came back with negative feedback about the product lifetime, brightness, and comfort level. Shrinking the power unit caused many of the bands to break before the first battery replacement and the shorter LED area caused the velcro attachment area to come undone after less than a month of usage. We have experimented with LED slapband designs and we feel we could do much better, so we made the decision to focus on creating a band that can function as both an armband and a wristband. Our patented design will fix the points above.


When an order comes in, the details show up in our Asana and we receive a #new-order notification via Slack.


Josh (Austin) or Matt (Denver) personally claims, tests, packages, and mails out the order. Our shipping takes 2-5 days to arrive and our average transit time from order is 4 days. If shipping costs aren’t your thing, enter coupon code: noshippingfeesplease during checkout. We have shipped normal and bulk orders to hostels, hotels, and approved Airbnb locations during music festivals located all over the world and we take care to leave plenty of time for shipping while launching festival campaigns and giveaways.

Now that we are acquainted, we would love to hear from you:
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