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When will I receive my Lunar Armband?

We strive to ship all orders within 24 hours of receiving them. Shipping normally takes 3-8 days for US customers and 3-15 days for overseas. After you order, you can check in on your order on our Track Your Order page.

Do you have a return policy?

Why yes we do! We also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Head on over to our Return Policy page to check it out.

How big are the armbands?



How do I change the batteries?

Do they get hot?

The Lunar Armbands may be as bright as a shining star, but they do not burn like one. The light source is cool to the touch, water resistant, and flexible.

May I batch order Lunar Armbands with my company logo?

Lunar Armbands are available for batch ordering and retail. Fill out the form on our Wholesale Page to request information.