Looking for a light that parties longer than you do?

Imagine a super bright electronic glowstick



That lasts 100 hours

With 3 Light Settings: Slow Blink, Fast Blink, Solid Light


What makes you glow?

What happens after 100 hours?

Our initial tests on product life showed results in battery life of over 100 hours. But what happens when the battery dies? Does the band become trash? Of course not! The batteries can be easily replaced.

Four colors and counting.

Your days of raging in the dark are over. Free up your hands by easily attaching a LunarBand to your arm or ankle and you will be astonished at the level of brightness it delivers. Enable the Slow Blink and Rapid Blink settings to flag down your friends at festivals and then turn the band off when you get back home safe and sound. If you rage for 30 minutes a day, the included batteries will keep you glowing for 6.5 Months!

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Our LED armbands can be found at EDC, Holy Ship, Burning Man, Bonnaroo, and Electric Forest. One LunarBand will last longer than 17 Glowsticks.


Night Adventure, anyone? Specialty LED armbands are in the works and development is ongoing.